Friday, 10 December 2010

The innocence of youth..

My daughter is truly hilarious at times, and usually unintentionally. She rarely understands that she's said something funny - in fact she can get quite furious when you laugh at the things she says! In particular I like her take on music; she doesn't let the small matter of not understanding the words get in the way of a good sing-song. Kylie's song 'All the lovers' became "All the brothers, ner-ner gone the world". Which I thought was a lovely take on the lyrics. For Rihanna's latest, 'What's my name', she sings "Banana - it's a game". Of course I won't correct her - the actual lyrics to most of these songs are way too explicit for little ears; I'm happy to let her continue to believe modern day popsongs are about brothers and bananas.
This afternoon I was so glad of her innocence, when she was flicking through one of my celeb-rags, and came across an advert featuring two ladies in a compromising position. She said "That's nice isn't it mummy, those ladies cuddling? Everybody likes a cuddle". Yes they do my sweetheart, yes they  do ♥

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